Why you should use a STEP practitioner – Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners

Step Practitioner

A STEP Practitioner will guide you through the options

For many of us the thought of drawing up a will and working out how to pass on an inheritance to our children is an upsetting as well as a confusing topic. Some people simply don’t want to contemplate a future when they will no longer be around, yet they still worry about how their assets will be dealt with once they have gone. Thankfully we don’t have to address such matters alone and there are  STEP practitioners available to help guide us through the labyrinth of options available to us.

STEP (Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners) is a global professional body made up of solicitors, financial advisors, accountants and other experts. The aim of the organisation is to help individuals and families make plans for their futures and to maximise the benefits of their assets. Full members of STEP are known as TEPs (Trust and Estate Practitioners), and are internationally recognised experts in inheritance and succession planning.

STEP Practitioners are internationally recognised professionals

STEP practitioners are able to draw up wills and trusts, act as trustees, and administer estates. They can give advice on the best way to structure finances, ensuring they comply with regulations whilst maximising assets for future generations. A STEP practitioner can ensure that a spouse or partner will be provided for on the death of their loved one, as well as protecting the interests of their children. They can ensure elderly or vulnerable relatives are properly cared for, as well as making provision for handing over a family business to the next generation. With a world-wide network of 21,000 advisors and experts, STEP practitioners exist to ensure that the assets of families with interests abroad will comply with local laws and taxation rules.

When someone has worked hard to build up their assets and business interests it makes sense to protect the value of their estate so that future generations will benefit. STEP practitioners  are experts in their chosen field, and are well-qualified and experienced. They must work within a Code of Professional Conduct, which ensures they act with integrity to earn the trust and respect of their clients. In addition, STEP practitioners must commit to maintaining their professional skills, so ensuring they are familiar with all the latest legal, regulatory and technical developments.

Jacqueline Hockin, TEP

Jacki Hockin, STEP PractitionerThe trend towards de-regulation means that many services previously handled by professionals can now be dealt with by people who are much less-qualified. Writing a will for example can now be done by virtually anyone, regardless of how competent they are. This may be fine when the person’s assets are straight forward or of relatively little value. But for more complex inheritance matters it is in your best interests to seek professional advice and let a qualified and experienced specialist handle your affairs.

Bretherton Law have been helping families with changes in their circumstances for over 50 years, and we have built an enviable reputation for our professional service and honest advice. To discuss Will Writing, Powers of Attorney, Court of Protection, trust or probate services, contact our qualified TEP (Trust and Estate Practitioner) by calling 01727 869293 or emailing jackihockin@brethertonlaw.co.uk