Probate Costs

The Solicitors Regulation Authority requires us to publish certain information about our costs for uncontested probate on our website. We charge this work at an hourly rate (currently £245 plus VAT) but will quote you a fixed fee once we know details of the estate. Our costs range from £950 for a straightforward estate where we simply obtain the Grant on your behalf to several thousand pounds for full administration of a complex estate. Please telephone us to discuss your particular circumstances and we will provide an accurate quotation.

We will inform you if any unforeseen additional work becomes necessary that could increase our quotation, for example because further assets are discovered which cause inheritance tax to become payable.

VAT and disbursements (payments that we must make to other parties on your behalf) are not included in our fees. Likely disbursements are:

Swear fee On swearing the Oath £5 plus £2 per exhibit
Probate court fee On application for Grant £155 plus £0.50 per copy
Notice for Creditors (if required) Once Grant has been obtained approximately £177
Bankruptcy fees Before distribution of estate £2 per beneficiary

Key stages & Timescale

Although it is hard to generalise, we set out approximate timescales below. Please be aware that we remain reliant on information from third parties e.g. bank/building societies, registrars and creditors. Therefore, unless we have all the information necessary from such institutions, there can be a delay.

During the administration of the estate, we will update you regularly either by means of telephone, letter or e-mail as you prefer.

You can see more about our wills & probate team on the Our People page.

Probate Key Stages TImescale
Obtaining probate valuations of all assets and debts
Completing Inheritance Tax Account or Return of
Estate Information
Preparing Oath to be sworn by personal representatives
Obtaining Grant of representation
1 – 3 Months
Collecting in all assets 1 – 3 Months from date
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