Commercial Property

Our specialist lawyers can help with buying, selling or leasing all types of commercial property.

Commercial Property

Our specialist lawyers can help with buying, selling or leasing all types of commercial property.

Commercial Property

Whether you are buying or selling business premises or about to commit to a new lease, our friendly and approachable commercial property solicitor can help you.

Commercial property transactions are not always straightforward and often form part of a larger business plan. The transactions therefore require your solicitor not only to have the correct legal expertise but also to be commercially aware, so a practical and pragmatic solution can be achieved for you. Here at Bretherton Law, we step into your shoes to understand your business plan and your needs first, so we can ensure that the best possible contractual terms are successfully negotiated for the long term success and sustainability of your business.

Commercial transactions can sometimes be complex, prolonged and lead to frustration, especially when more than two parties are involved. We recognise that completing such a transaction within the desired timescale is very important to you, and we therefore do everything we can to meet your deadline. Where necessary, our commercial property team can meet you at your premises or outside office hours.

When we take on your matter, we will always be clear about our costs and keep you up to date on our progress. We will be sure to explain all the processes clearly and answer any queries you may have. We will keep everything on track, giving you clear timescales, eliminating delays and keeping you posted at every step.


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    Our Commercial Property Services
    • Freehold Purchase and Sale

      We routinely act for our clients in buying and selling freehold commercial properties – so our experienced commercial property solicitor can help. Although the transactions can be complex as commercial freehold properties are often subject to business leases and tenancies, our experts will advise you on every stage of the transaction ensuring the whole proceedings are dominated by your best business interests.

      To arrange your appointment call 01727 869293 or book online.

    • Commercial Leases and Licences

      We have the required legal knowledge and skills to draft and negotiate the terms of a lease. We can act to maximise a landlord’s business returns, to assist a new start-up company in need of premises or for a successful business wanting to expand. Whatever stage your business is at, you want a lease with the flexibility and security to cover future events. You do not want to discover in the future that your lease had not been drafted to suit your commercial requirements.

      To arrange your appointment call 01727 869293 or book online.

    • Rent Review

      Most leases require the parties to review their rents and agree a new amount after a certain period of time. There are a number of factors you will need to consider and successful negotiation with the other party will be required. Our skilled commercial property team can assist you with this process in order to maximise your commercial returns in the long run.

      To arrange your appointment call 01727 869293 or book online.

    • Other services we provide:

      To Landlords:

      Licences for assignments, alterations and under-lettings; Breach of Covenants; Rent Deposit; Lease Termination; Lease Forfeiture; Service of Dilapidation Schedules

      To Tenants:

      Dealing with Stamp Duty and Land Registry formalities; Acting for your Lenders; Requests for Licences for Assignments / Alterations and New Leases for existing premises; Surrender of Lease

      To arrange your appointment call 01727 869293 or book online.


    Your calm sound advice gave us so much confidence. Your response to naive enquiries  was patient and you never made us feel uncomfortable for asking a question. Your firm’s service, professionalism, unflappability and depth of knowledge of buy to let property law give me every confidence to recommend you to friends.

    Thank you once again for a brilliant service, your help and advice has been very well appreciated. 

    Bretherton Law handled a painstaking commercial lease negotiation involving three sets of solicitors. We eventually managed to have all parties agree and we are now open for business. Thank you again for your help in this matter.


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