Child Law Case Study 2

Ms B had a difficult childhood and from the age of 12 she was placed in foster care because she was beyond her mum’s control. Ms B would abscond from placements, failed to go to school, have unsuitable partners and would use drugs.

Ms B fell pregnant when she was 17 years old and she was clear that she wanted to turn her life around. She wanted to do things differently and she did not want her child to have the upbringing she had. She wanted her child to be proud of her and to see what a good mum she could be.

Due to Ms B’s background the LA were involved in the pre-birth process and Ms B contacted Bretherton Law to ask for our advice and guidance about this. Bretherton Law liaised with the LA and ensured that everything was being done pre-birth to give the family the best possible start.

Care proceedings were issued by the LA but this was to allow Ms B and her baby girl to go into a mother and baby residential placement. Ms B and her daughter were in a residential placement for 6 weeks and due to Ms B’s engagement, willingness to learn and hard work her assessment was positive. This then allowed them to go home with daily professional visits initially, which soon reduced to weekly visits.

Ms B has turned her life around and her whole focus is on her daughter. She needed to work hard and she received support from Bretherton Law every step of the way. The daughter is now thriving in Ms B’s care. The child attends her local school and Ms B has been able to study and obtain qualifications. She is now in employment and  the LA are no longer involved in their lives.


  • Care proceedings and child protection
  • Adoption
  • Children in Care
  • Special Guardianship Order
  • Change of Name for Child


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