Write a Will for Winter

Figures from the Office for National Statistics confirm that more of us pass away during the winter months than during summer. The combination of cold weather, respiratory problems, more virulent strains of influenza or less effective vaccines combine to make the winter months a dangerous time, particularly for the elderly and sick.

The figures suggest that people are 20-25% more likely to die in winter, compared with the annual average. Even worse, the months of January to March 2018 showed a 5% increase over the same period in 2017, with the colder weather earlier this year most likely to have been the cause.

There are precautions we can take to lessen the risks: keeping warm, eating properly, avoiding contact with those suffering from flu or who are sick, getting a flu jab, and keeping hands and surroundings clean and free of germs. But shouldn’t we also be thinking about our loved ones should the worst happen and we become one more winter death statistic?

Estimates show that over half the UK adult population currently have no will. Understandable perhaps if you are young and in good health, but figures show that even in the over-55 age group approximately 37% of people have still not drawn up a will.

When someone dies without leaving a will the UK intestacy laws will determine how their property and assets are distributed after their death. This can weigh heavily on family members left behind, at a time when they may be in shock and distress at the loss of their loved one. At worst, family disagreements over the presumed wishes of the deceased can lead to arguments and even long-term fallouts.  And where the make-up of the wider family group is complicated, or where unmarried couples are involved, the distress is often made worse by conflicting claims on the estate of the deceased.

Surely it is better to avoid the anguish caused to those left behind by drawing up a will before it is too late?

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