World Alzheimer’s Day

World Alziheimers DayAround the world the month of September has been chosen to raise awareness and highlight the issues surrounding Alzheimer’s Disease, with September 21st designated as World Alzheimer’s Day.

It is estimated that worldwide there may be 50 million sufferers from the disease, with an estimated 850,000 in the UK alone. And with aging populations everywhere this issue threatens to become one of the major challenges to society in the future.

It is natural that as we age we are likely to suffer some form of memory loss. However, when the situation threatens to impact their daily lives, individuals should look to protect themselves and their loved ones from the worst effects of the disease.

Legal mechanisms known as Lasting Powers of Attorney enable individuals to appoint people to manage their affairs, should memory loss and confusion prevent them from acting for themselves in future. LPAs can be drawn up to look after someone’s health and welfare and/or to take care of their property and financial affairs.

At Bretherton Law we have been helping the people of St Albans to manage their affairs for over 50 years. Our expert legal team can guide you through the legal process and make applications for Lasting Powers of Attorney on your behalf. Book your appointment online or call us on 01727 869293.

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