Tips on moving home

There’s no doubt that moving home is one of the most challenging life events that anyone can go through. It’s both physically and mentally demanding and the resulting change and unfamiliarity naturally creates feelings of stress and anxiety so we asked Carole Simkins, a professional counsellor, for some tips to help you make a stress-free move to your new home.

Carole Simkins, professional counsellor

Hire a reputable solicitor

You’ll need a professional that you can trust to guide you through the legal aspects of your move. Contact Bretherton Law. They are experts in providing legal advice and representation regarding property.

Think ahead

With your partner or family member plan what needs to be done and when. Give yourself time to think things through and agree who will take responsibility for each of the tasks. Starting early with your preparations will help you pace yourself, if you leave things to the last minute your stress levels will naturally rise.

Take care of yourself

There’s so much to do it’s tempting to carry on and forget that you need to find time to relax, eat and sleep well. Staying up late to get things done, regularly eating takeaways or missing meals may seem a good idea but in the long run you’ll become weary and stressed. Remember to factor in time to have some fun, meet with friends and family, read a book or have an early night. Your body and mind will thank you.

Be flexible

Things don’t always go to plan when you’re moving home, especially if several parties are involved. Keeping an open mind and being flexible to changes can help keep your stress levels downs. Planning and starting your tasks early will also give you some space to re-adjust should plans change.

Think about the children

Moving home can be difficult for children, especially if they are young; it’s a big change. Give them plenty of notice; talk to them, make it exciting by explaining the benefits. Get them involved in packing up their bedroom, it will help them understand and feel part of the move.

Take time off work

Try not to spread yourself too thinly. Schedule some time off around the move; ask friends and family to take care of the children so you can focus on the unpacking.


Packing is a huge task so it’s good to start early. It’s an opportunity to de-clutter and throw things away that you’ve not used for a while. You can pass things onto friends and family; use the local charity shop or free cycling scheme.

Is it getting too much?

If your stress and anxiety levels are rising and you’re struggling to manage you can talk to Carole Simkins, a professional counsellor who will help you find more positive ways of coping. Carole can be contacted on 07815574073 or email, for more information