Tips for Coping with Divorce

The role of a divorce solicitor in divorce proceedings is to offer practical legal advice to ensure a great divorce settlement for their client. The divorce solicitors at Bretherton Law are very kind and supportive but they are not counsellors so, we asked professional counsellor Carole Simkins to offer some tips to cope with the emotional trauma that sometimes accompanies a divorce or a relationship breakdown.

Don’t rush, get the support you need

Separation and divorce are some of life’s most stressful events; naturally you’ll experience a roller coaster of emotions. Get the support of professionals as well as family and friends so you can make the best decisions for yourself and your children.

Get legal advice as early as possible

Getting advice from a lawyer will help you cope with the legal and practical aspects of your relationship breakdown.

Talk to a couple’s counsellor

A couple’s counsellor will facilitate a safe place for you to communicate with your partner so you can plan how best to end your relationship.

Tap into your own support network

Talk to a friend or family member that you trust.

Keep communicating with your partner

It’s a difficult time for you, your partner and your children. Finding a way to keep the channels of communication open will help you end your relationship in a more positive way.

Take care of yourself

Acknowledge that it’s stressful; it’s to be expected. Take time to look after yourself, however difficult try to eat regularly, sleep well and try to exercise.

Be honest with your children

Children are aware of what’s happening in your relationship, often more than you realise.  Be honest about your situation, talk to them when you can. Remember you’ll both be parents forever.

Think about the future

Understandably the future may seem scary. However, it can create an opportunity to make positive changes in your life. Take up a new hobby, join an evening class and expand your social network.

About Carole Simpkins: Carole is a professional counsellor who offers counselling to older children and adults. Her professional profile can be viewed on the Counselling Directory

If you require legal advice regarding your divorce, separation or child contact matters please contact our Senior Divorce Solicitor Heidi Fleming by calling 01727 869 293 or by using the contact form on this page.


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