St Albans property still in demand

Spotting trends and predicting what will happen to house prices is always a popular feature of the property pages at this time of year. London prices may have shown a downturn over the last 12 months, with the Office for National Statistics reporting a drop of 1.7% for 2018, but property prices in our local area have remained strong. Online property agent Rightmove claims a 3% overall increase in property values in St Albans for 2018, and an increase of 7% over 2016 values, resulting in an average property price of £574,462 last year.

This month Yopa Property Ltd published its London Commuter Guide to help consumers choose the most affordable, convenient and practical locations to live. Claiming that three quarters of Londoners would happily swap city-living for a life further out of town, Yopa’s analysis rates St Albans as the top location for commuters wanting to take advantage of the lower living costs and greater space afforded by living outside the capital.

Taking into account factors such as the frequency of trains and commuting time, crime and pollution levels, good or outstanding schools, average house prices, and even the number of pubs per head of population, the Yopa index puts St Albans in first place with a score of 107 out of 160. Luton is listed in second place with a score of 103 points, with Stevenage and Hitchin also rated highly.

So, whether you live and work locally or commute further afield to earn a living, it’s reassuring to know that others rate St Albans as a highly desirable place to live. In spite of the occasional aggravations that living in St Albans can bring, few of us would want to live anywhere else.

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Office of National Statistics: Property price, private rent and household survey and census statistics, used by government and other organisations for the creation and fulfilment of housing policy in the UK.  

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