New Family – New Will.

Starting a family is likely to be the most life-changing event people will ever experience. The newborn is utterly dependent on its parents and will make its presence known every few hours when it demands to be fed, changed, or settled down to sleep.

The new arrival will most likely necessitate other practical, day to day changes in the lifestyle and outlook of its parents. The sporty little two seater will be traded in for a people carrier, and parents can forget about those carefree beach holidays!

Part of the changed landscape for new parents is the fundamental desire to protect their child. As well as meeting their immediate physical needs, this means that parents will also want to make sure the child is protected against the uncertainties of life. Just as they might take out a life insurance policy, parents should start planning for the future by drawing up a will to ensure that their child is looked after in the best possible way, and in accordance with their wishes.

Nobody likes to imagine a situation where both parents are suddenly not there to look after their family. But why not think about this at the same time as signing up for child benefit or registering your child with a doctor? People often think that they don’t need to make a will until they are much older but the reality is that anyone with a child under 18 years old should take steps to safeguard the child’s future should their parents suddenly be taken from them. People may also think that if they have little in the way of assets, there is no need to make a will. However, making a will entails more than deciding who to leave money or possessions to.

Making a will means you can appoint a guardian who will look after your child should the worst happen. Guardians assume parental responsibility for a child, meaning they can make important decisions on matters such as health and education. If both parents die without a valid will appointing a legal guardian, the court will decide who should look after their child. This decision may go against the true wishes of the parents. Court proceedings can also be expensive and lengthy, and are likely be stressful for the remaining family members who have been recently bereaved.

If new parents truly want to give their child the best protection, they should make a will to guard against the uncertainties that life can throw up.

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