Goodbye, Ruby (Red) Tuesday *

Nowadays it seems that any significant date has to have a colour attached to it. We have Blue Monday for the most depressing day of the year (3rd Monday in January), Black Friday for pre-Christmas sales (the Friday following Thanksgiving Day in the USA), and Pink Wednesday to recognise International Anti-Bullying Day (last Wednesday in February). We can now add Red Tuesday to this list, as it is apparently the most “popular” day in the year to break up with a partner.

Red Tuesday falls closest to Valentine’s Day on February 14th and has been so-designated following research carried out by, the UK’s leading dating website for married people. The study questioned 2,000 of their users, with 36% of respondents admitting to ending a relationship in the week leading up to Valentine’s Day. Of these, 2 out of 3 (67%) had broken up with their partner on a Tuesday, leading to the naming of the big day for break ups as Red Tuesday. A further 28% of people ditched their lover on other days during the week leading up to Valentine’s Day, and a particularly heartless 5% of respondents actually ended things on the big day itself.

Other things to emerge from the study were that the most common way of ending a relationship was by text message (32%), closely followed by a telephone call (24%). Just 20% of people were honourable enough to break the news in person. Conversely, 16% were so insensitive as to dump their partner over social media, and 6% didn’t even bother to pass on the news themselves, opting to get a friend or relative to do the deed instead. The final 2% of people did it the old-fashioned way, by post.

Unsurprisingly, covid-19 has had an impact on many relationships over the last year, with another poll by revealing that out of 1,500 married people who contacted their website 82% said their relationship with their spouse had been damaged by the pandemic restrictions.

Commenting on the findings, psychologist Lucy Redford said: “For a lot of couples, February 14th brings them closer together…for others it’s a reminder of cracks in their relationship. Staying when it’s not working can be a lot more toxic in the long run than going your separate ways.”

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*Goodbye, Ruby Tuesday, Rolling Stones, 1967.