#earlyadvice – Write to the Lord Chancellor

We are supporting the Law Society’s campaign for legal aid to be re-introduced for early legal advice. If you wish to support this campaign you can help by using the link to quickly write a letter to the Lord Chancellor. It takes just two minutes!

Why we support this campaign

As one of the few law firms in Hertfordshire who offer family and child law legal aid funded services we understand the need to change the current system

A False Economy

Research conducted for the Law Society by Ipsos MORI shows a clear statistical link between getting early legal advice and resolving a problem sooner. Most of the time, legal problems are easier and cheaper to address early on. It also saves a great deal of unnecessary stress. The cost saving does not just apply to the person seeking legal advice, there is evidence to support that early advice saves money for the taxpayer.  Legal aid cuts have led to increased spending in the long run because court disputes take months to resolve. Early professional legal advice (given within three months of a dispute arising) helps people understand their legal position to try and reach agreement, thereby solving problems before they spiral and end up in court.

Access to Justice

We are also concerned about access to justice. Without legal aid access to justice is only available to those who can afford it. Research commissioned by the Law Society, has found that the legal aid means test is preventing families in poverty from accessing justice. The research shows that people on incomes already 10 per cent to 30 per cent below the minimum income standard are being excluded from legal aid, meaning that poverty- hit families are being denied vital help to fight eviction, tackle severe housing disrepair and address other life-changing legal issues.

How Can You Help?

Write to the Lord Chancellor about early advice. The Law Society have created an online submission form and it takes just two minutes to write to the Lord Chancellor to urge him to reintroduce legal aid for early advice? This is the link to write your letter.

They Do Listen – Acknowledgement Letter

Once you have submitted your letter you can expect a response direct from the Ministry of Justice.

letter from MOJ

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