Children’s Support Base to close

Councillors at a meeting of Herts County Council Cabinet have decided that the Primary Support Base attached to Bowmansgreen Primary School will close from 1st September, 2019. The PSB offers inclusive support for children with emotional and behavioural issues, and who may be at risk of exclusion for their violent or aggressive behaviour. The services currently offered by Bowmansgreen PSB will be transferred to the Links Academy in St Albans.

Herts County Council cited a lack of space at Bowmansgreen Primary School, the negative impact of the unit on the mainstream school, and the disruptive effects the base had on the rest of the pupils as reasons for the closure. In addition, inadequate staff training, as well as and health and safety concerns due to physical and verbal abuse by children at the PSB also contributed to the decision. To offset the closure of the Primary Support Base a number of places would become available at the Links Academy, which is to have new accommodation units in place for short stay as well as longer term provision.

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