Children in care

Being faced with the prospect of having your children removed from your care is a traumatic experience for any parent.  A recent report by CAFCASS has shown that Care Applications are on the increase in comparison to the last financial year.

Many parents find the involvement of social services within their family daunting and often feel the best way to deal with such a situation is by ‘shutting the professionals out’. However this only escalates the concerns of the social services further, which in turn can lead to court proceedings being issued.

It is essential for parents to not only engage with social services but also to seek legal advice immediately. We often see that legal advice is sought at the very last instance, however had it been sought before; the concerns with the Local Authority could have been resolved much earlier.

Many parents are unaware of their rights, such as the right to take a solicitor to a Child Protection Meeting or the right to withdraw their consent after signing a section 20 agreement.

As a parent you have every right to challenge a care application and try to keep your family together. At Bretherton Law we have a specialist team of child law solicitors who are ready to assist and guide you through this difficult time. Legal aid may well be available – just ask.