Celebrating St Albans History

Bretherton Law is proud of its association with the city and people of St Albans and its surrounding districts going back over 50 years. The business began operating in 1965, from an office on Romeland Hill with views of St Albans Abbey, the Abbey Gateway and St Albans Boys School, and we have always been aware of our historic setting in the city. To the west lay Fishpool Street with its many historic houses and pubs lining the old coaching route to the Midlands and North-West England. Up the hill to the east lay George Street and the Market Place, with the 15th century clock tower and site of one of the Eleanor Crosses erected by King Edward I in memory of his late wife.

Several years ago Bretherton Law moved offices to Alban Row in Verulam Road, just around the corner. Sadly this is a newer office building but one which more readily meets the needs of a modern, professional business. In the process of the move we unearthed some old deeds for our Romeland Hill premises, including a debenture going back to 1799 which we have on display on our office wall.

Historical Deeds St AlbansThe deeds led our team to thinking about and discussing St Albans local history. With the city of St Albans and the surrounding districts being so rich in history we have found lots of interesting historical facts and tales that we would like to share with you. #CelebratingStAlbansHistory #St Albans.

Our Historical Facts

Historical fact 1: We take a look at John Ball an activist in the Peasants revolt of 1381 whose trial was held in the Moot Hall in St Albans.

Historical fact 2: Lady Katherine Ferrers – Wicked Lady or Wronged Woman?

Historical fact 3: We take a look at St Albans link to the phrase ‘to laugh one’s head off’

Historical fact 4: We explore the history of some of St Alban’s oldest pubs

Historical fact 5: We take a look at St Albans historical connection with St Albans, Australia

Historical fact 6: Now planning permission has been granted to build on it we take a look at the history of the Harperbury Hospital site. 

Historical  fact 7: We take a look at the wealth of history to be found in French Row and Market Place in St Albans.

Historical fact 8: St Albans Prison was home to Mary Ann Ansell  who murdered her sister for insurance money

Historical fact 9: If you thought College Street was so named because of it’s proximity to the school you would be wrong.

Historical fact 10: Did you know that the first, unofficial, Ryder Cup was held at St Albans’ very own Verulam Golf Club?

Historical fact 11: We take a look at the history of Salisbury Hall. 

Historical fact 12: We take a look at Alpha Cinematographic Works and its founder Arthur Melbourne-Cooper

Historical fact 13: Hertfordshire and the first blitz

Historical fact 14: Sarah Churchill, St Alban’s favourite Duchess

Historical fact 15: Watford and the Dambusters raid 

Historical fact 16: The Worst Journey in the World

Historical Fact 17: Harpenden Classsics on the Common

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