Care Home Planning

According to government figures currently 1 in 4 of us will need to go into a care home.  This is causing many people a great deal of worry when looking at how potential care home fees will be met.

At present if you have above £23,250 in money and/or assets then you are fully responsible for the cost of your care.  The average weekly cost for a care home can be anything between £500-750 per week depending on location, amenities and if nursing is required.  It therefore does not take long for the fees to eat into your savings or require the sale of you house to pay for them.

The government is looking at capping the amount that the individual contributes but it is still unknown when this will come into force and what the cap will be.

Many people are unaware of the rules and figures when it comes to care home fees and so it is extremely important for you to get up to date advice when planning ahead for your future and beyond.

If you need advice regarding planning for potential care home fees’s please contact us on 01727 869293.