Bretherton Law Delivery to KitAid

Thanks to donations from Bretherton Law clients we have made another delivery of used football kit to Affinity Water headquarters in Hatfield. Affinity Water operates as a kit collection point at three sites in Hatfield, Hemel Hempstead and Liverpool, with the KitAid charity arranging with partner agencies to send the items of used football kit to deserving causes in Africa and elsewhere.

Kit Aid Donation drop off pointNearly 39,000 items have been sent abroad by KitAid in 2022 alone, and a total of 860,000 items have been despatched since the charity was formed in 1998. KitAid was set up by Derrick Williams M.B.E., then an employee of Veolia Water in Hatfield. In 1998 Derrick travelled to Tanzania as a volunteer for Water Aid, a water and sanitation charity helping to give people in Africa and Asia access to clean, safe water supplies. As a passionate football fan Derrick saw how much children and adults alike shared his love of the game, which they played without some of the barest of necessities. Players were often barefoot and played with a ball made from rolled up plastic bags. Armed with a photo of a boy wearing a ragged football shirt, on his return Derrick set about collecting a box of used football kit from friends and workmates, and the idea for KitAid was born.

Bretherton Law have been proud to support KitAid over the last five years and we continue to offer our offices as a collection point for your outgrown and unused items of football kit. We are located in St Albans City Centre on Verulam Road.

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