A Romantic Break (-up)

Valentine’s Day has been and gone, but what do you do with those mementoes of a lost love once the ex- is no longer part of your life?

The answer may be to send these symbolic items to Zagreb, capital of Croatia. In 2006, a sculptor and a film-producer who had enjoyed four years together decided to create a Museum of Broken Relationships , after their own came to an end. Initially conceived as an “art installation” the collection began with items donated by friends of the couple, and became a touring exhibition eventually seen by 200,000 people around the world. Since 2010 the Museum of Broken Relationships has had a permanent base in Zagreb`s Old Town, and was followed by a second branch which opened in Los Angeles in 2016.

According to its` website, the concept behind the Museum is that: Unlike “destructive” self-help instructions for recovery from grief and loss, the Museum offers the chance to overcome an emotional collapse through creativity – by contributing to its universal collection.

Predictably, among the items donated by members of the public are love letters and squishy toys, as well as odd socks and shoes left behind by previous owners. Our favourite exhibits, though, are a pair of pink fluffy handcuffs and a small axe (called the Ex-Axe), once used to smash up a former partner’s furniture.

Sending items like these to the museum may well fill an emotional need in people. However, for more practical help when a relationship breaks down you should contact a Family Law Solicitor at Bretherton Law. Not only will you receive a sympathetic ear, but you’ll get useful advice on safeguarding your rights and property too.


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